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The revealed scale of two equal portions 57:25 - Justice

We have surely indeed sent the Messenger with authority in religion. Summarizing the Messengers effort by sending the clarification of the evidence by bringing into existence our favor the exalted heavenly book that weighs on the scale instrument like two equal portions for man.

The true human being in his journey in the earth seeks Allah to aide in striving against injustice and tyranny. Allah highly exalted is he has set the balance of justice and fairness for all who deserves it. Its been said, that for a people to be qualified to establishes justice in society, they must be willing and strong enough to correct themselves when they find they are in the wrong..

If they are not strong enough to execute the same justice on themselves as they execute it on others, then they are not qualified to establish justice.

What a powerful statement in a time when justice is often overlooked outside oneself to the harm of the human soul. True justice, is like a scale ..We cannot do justice to anyone unless we do justice to ourselves! Thus the Quran gives more clarification on the issue..Let not hatred of a person cause you to swerve from justice.

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