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Instrument of Justice is His Mercy 57:25

Certainly, we sent our Messengers down with a religious concern and evidence of clear proofs to make good the scale of balance. It is an instrument of measurement established to weigh justice, that is His Mercy.

It is established as weight and as a measuring instrument with shared justice, half and half to reward those who believe and do good works. Rewards for those who do good works don’t apply to just Muslims.

An example of good works, in the Library of Congress, you find the Founding Fathers included Al Islam as a scale of justice. Thomas Jefferson didn’t just own a Qur’an, but he engaged with Al Islam for eleven years before he wrote the United States Declaration of Independence and fought to ensure the rights of Muslims, which now includes American Citizenship and position in government.

His earlier complex ideas are to be understood of the matter since the sixteenth century and currently despite the opposition, that it implies the revolutionary rhetoric in the Constitution, declares that the inalienable and universal rights of all men are created equal endowed by their creator.

G-d says that balance in the religion means doing justice by everything that He requires to receive justice. The order of balance is already established in His creation. A description of good works can’t just be to do half and half justice by completing all prayers or by doing community work for the mosque and then not support your family. This example is not a description of balance.

He sends his Messengers or Prophets as a Mercy to correct us by weighing our behavior when we are rebellious, ignorant or greedy.


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