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"I Love M.A.L.I."




Hakeem Love


As a M.A.L.I. student, I have gained a greater understanding of the Qur'an, ability to make connections, and I have learned how to research in greater detail.  Studying in the classes with others has enhanced and built a better foundation in Arabic grammar.  More importantly, my overall reading and comprehension skills in Qur'anic Arabic has improved tremendously.

As a M.A.L.I. instructor, I have been enlightened to teach others what I have learned using the M.A.L.I. system. M.A.L.I. offers a yearly conference with the opportunity to share your knowledge and the ability to learn more. 

Muslim American Logic Institute is truly a gift from ALLAH THE MOST HIGH.




Nimat Bilal


I found M.A.L.I. at a crossroad in my life. Due to being unsatisfied with Muslim leadership, the lack of leadership roles regarding Muslim women, uninformative Jumah's as well as the lack of overall progress within my community, I was unsure if Islam was the right choice for me.  Studying the Quran using the M.A.L.I. method has changed me in so many ways that it is difficult to convey. I am now able to study the Quran for myself with implementabe understanding.  It has become the most satisfying experience of my life. My views on Islam have been renewed and I have dedicated my life to extracting knowledge from the Qur'an to benefit my community. My professional career and family life has significantly improved thanks to my new found confidence and ability to apply Qur'anic concepts within my life.

May G-d bless The Muslim American Logic Institute to bring truth and clarity to what it really means to be Muslim.





Aquila Sharif-Hanifa


Allah blessed me to find “M.A.L.I.” seven years ago. After prior years of not really getting serious, the method motivated me to not make excuses and persevere. I never studied Arabic grammar before with serious effort.


Within the seven year period, which is an accelerated four year college class using the five sheets, I have reached a level I never thought I could accomplish. Yes, I still depend on the sheets from time to time but I understand what is on the sheets. In 2012 I presented the workshop on “Noun Endings” @ the M.A.L.I. conference.


I am now learning to understand the grammar; tafsir of other commentators; and Hadith, along with reading Qur’an without the diacritic markings. I am now writing my own understanding and logic of a Qur’anic verse of my choice. All this in the curriculum has placed me on another level. Developing a vocabulary is and will continue to be challenging.





Steven A. Shakir


In my journey in search of reading Qur’anic Arabic, it has lead me to the M.A.L.I. method. I have many books on learning how to read the Qur’an in Arabic. I took Arabic classes along with a couple of college courses but nothing excited my interest. I was able to read a few words in Arabic, but unable to read the Qur’an in Arabic and understand what I was reading. It was not until I came in contact with the M.A.L.I. method that everything started to come together, such as, understanding the forms, moods, noun ending and other grammatical terms.  


I began to read the Qur’an in its original language of Arabic, and in a short time I began to understand the Qur’an.   M.A.L.I. has been heaven sent for me. It grabs me and makes me excited about reading the Qur’an in Arabic; it is fun but it also requires work and it is worth it. In no time you will see the results of your effort.


I can now  teach from the books I have on reading the Qur’an in Arabic because of the M.A.L.I. method. However, I have put all those other books away and I just use the M.A.L.I.  method.


“I LOVE IT!” Thank You M.A.L.I. All Praises is due to Allah Lord of all the systems of knowledge!





Amir Abdul-Matin


I have been in the class now for 3-1/2 years. Like others I have been in other classes, locally, online, etc, one being an online class by way of Skype with an instructor in Pakistan. After being with him for over a year, I had accumulated a 3 inch binder of lessons mostly instructional materials.


However once I began with M.A.L.I. and Imam Salim Mu’Min, there was a completely different learning environment. After being with M.A.L.I. for less than a year I had learned more than I had learned previously with a full binder, by only using the five sheets as instructional materials.


In my learning of how to study the language structure of the Qur’an and internalizing it, there has been an inner evolvement of my spiritual self that allows me to see and understand more about me as a human being.  With sincerity do I make this statement, “that from my studies with M.A.L.I. in the Qur’an my soul has evolved and as long as I stay with the Qur’an along the M.A.L.I. method my soul will continue to evolve….Inshaa Allah.




Latifah Wangara 


The Benefits of M.A.L.I.…

The M.A.L.I. Method is unique, it makes learning Qur'anic Arabic Grammar student friendly regardless of age. You can learn! All from the comfort of your home. Imam Salim Mu'Min is an awesome and patient teacher, this too helps the learning process.




Fatiyah Ali


The M.A.L.I. Method is indeed unique. Foremost, the program is forgiving and accommodates adult students whose demanding work schedules infringe upon time desperately needed to study. In addition, it is gratifying to know that we are studying Qur’anic Arabic, and with time, Insha Allah, our understanding of Allah’s revelation becomes clearer.  Lastly, we thank Allah for enabling us to benefit from the vision, dedication and sacrifices made by Imam Salim Mu’min and his family.





Alfonso Saahir


I have been a M.A.L.I. Student for 6 years and I am still growing and developing into understanding and applying what I am learning from the Qur’anic Arabic Classes. M.A.L.I. is an online Institution where you can learn from the comfort of your home.  You will be placed in a class setting while learning at a comfortable pace with no student left behind. The nice thing about these classes is that they are week end classes. You will be on a phone conference call and viewing a classroom webinar on a computer with fellow students. The 5 grammatical rule sheets will be your gateway to learning how to read Al Qur’an and comprehend it’s conceptual meanings and logic.

These classes are what is needed to understand and attain the great treasures of knowledge that are waiting for us in the Qur’an. I just feel so blessed to be able to benefit from this great Institution.








M.A.L.I. ! "

"Qur'anic Logic is the 

Best Logic"

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