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M.A.L.I. Student Curriculum 


Qur'anic Arabic 1:


  • Arabic Alphabet

  • Vowels

  • Pronounciation

  • Word and Phrase Recognition 

  • Word Conjugation

  • Ten Forms

  • Verbs, Nouns and Prepositions

  • Moods

  • Word Structure

  • Grammar

  • Intro to First and Second Reading



Qur'anic Arabic 2:


  • Word and Phrase Analysis

  • Arabic Nomenclature

  • Utilizing Arabic Translations

  • Writing Reflections/Translation

  • Reading without Markings

  • Intro to Elipsis (dropped predicates and subjects)

  • Balaagha (Eloquence of Qur'anic Language)



Upon enrollment, students are situated into classrooms based on their current level of study.


Qur'anic Arabic 1 begins with the pronunciation of the alphabet and vowels. This level advances into word recognition and the reading of phrases and Qur'anic verses. 


The next level consist of learning how words are formed. Word formation is based upon the conjugation of words and the ten forms derived from the verbs. This forming of words also includes but is not limited to prefixes and suffixes.


The third level is grammar. This deals with the endings of words or vowel inflections. This level allows the student to begin reading and comprehending phrases and verses.


After the student completes these first three levels, they will receive a certificate of Qur’anic Arabic 1.


The next phase is Qur’anic Arabic 2. Students begin to analyze phrases and verses using Arabic nomenclature as well as learn to read Arabic sources such as Arabic-Arabic dictionaries, and Arabic Tafsirs. This exposes the students to different schools of thought, allowing the student to begin writing personal translations and reflections on Qur’anic verses with commentary. 

The final stage of Arabic 2 is Balaagha or the study of the eloquence of the Qur'anic Arabic language. Students will learn how to identify and examine metaphors and use them to interpret real life scenarios.


Ultimately, students will be able to research and write on subjects within their field of interest using Qur'anic Arabic to inspire ideas, concepts and solutions. Students will have also obtained a working knowledge on how to use the Qur'an as an everyday guide through studying the Qur'anic Arabic using its grammatical Analysis. Students will be required to produce writings and projects as a part of their regular assignments. 


M.A.L.I classes are given at no cost in order to educate as many people as possible. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays. Class time is usually limited to two hours. Each student is only to participate in one session per weekend. Please join us by signing in on the home page. We will contact you with a class schedule.

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