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M.A.L.I. Builds A School for Muslims in Ghana


MALI began building a school in Ghana 4 years ago. Nima is a very impoverished or disadvantaged area of Accra, Ghana. Upon visiting you can’t help but notice the inadequate standard of life that its infrastructure provides, in terms of housing, availability of water, sewage or drainage systems that runs about the streets, electrical black outs at any time of day or night. With many migrants from rural Ghana and other bordering countries, Nima is in dire need to house the young un-educated that call Nima their home. The School now has three floors.








In this region, a little goes a long way and we have made great progress.

Your contribution will help us to purchase the remaining materials needed, pay the workers and receive the benefit of helping Muslims who are less fortunate. The final donations collected will complete the construction inside and out.

In Sha Allah













































































Muslim American Logic's plan is to start with a small school of perhaps 200-300 students. We are building this school in the midst of the poorest section of Nima.  We will track the progress of the students from elementary through high school. Upon completing high school, starting with one student or more, we will sponsor students to further college education with the idea of establishing an student exchange program with the United States. To help us to complete this promising effort, click below:!/ 

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