• Malik Waliyyuddin

Justice with Balance 57:25

Messengers were sent to the people with clear, convincing and factual information to guide us on justice with balance. It should be applied with fairness and knowledge.

America's symbol of justice is a balancing scale. It has two balancing weight measures and the goal is to attain a half and half of equal distribution of weight on each side of the measuring instrument. The challenge is achieving an equilibrium, a balance where opposing forces or influences are equal.

If there is all wisdom and no mercy there is no balance. All justice and no mercy invites cruelty. All mercy and no wisdom invites a sick and ugly permissiveness as in allowing and giving freedom to everything with nothing forbidden. Allah embraces everything in wisdom and mercy.

This is very important in this present political climate where we allow our personal interests and political views to take extreme positions on issues. Our example , Prophet Mohammed took the middle road and moderation is the goal in all of our endeavors. The creation is established on justice and balance.


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