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  • Latifah F. Waheed Wangara

Justice and Fairness 57:25

Allah indeed, sent forth His Messengers, sent down the Book with them and revealed the balance to make justice clear and plain. And prove to the people that their behavior be established with equity and fairness.

Allah commissioned His Prophets to demonstrate to the people how to establish balance and use justice equally like half and half in their dealings with each other. This equal sharing can also be seen in the relationship between husband and wife, as marriage is half our faith.

It is with the Qur’an, Allah’s scriptural guidance that Prophet Muhammed brought social justice to a society steeped in ignorance, where members in the society especially women were denied justice, fairness and equity.

This inequity can still be seen in society today where women are not always recognized for their contribution in the workplace or in the board room and are seeking and in many cases demanding equity in pay and compensation.

Allah has created balance and fairness and has measured for everything its share and rewards those who believe and work righteous deeds whether rich, or poor, man or woman.


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