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Trials Are a Means to Prove Yourself 57:14 - Fitnah

The hypocrites and weak ones will address the believers and ask, were we not with you? The believers will say, yes, but, you mislead yourselves and led yourselves astray. You were hesitant in developing your faith and you were skeptical about the judgement and your desires mislead you in what you desired and craved and they made you covetous in it until Allah’s command was proved true. Wealth, or rank, or lust, or Shaytan, are things that draw you away from Allah.

Allah created man with the excellent qualities of high human virtues, which reside in man dormant like a seed.That excellence can’t evolve from the physiological to the consciousness unless man turns in obedience to Allah. The hypocrite is the one who covers up this excellence with pride and his desire for greatness. The weak ones are those who allow this excellence to be covered up by ignorance, emotions and passions.

Allah will try us to see if we’ll compromise our principles and for the people to see that you stuck to your principles. Allah will try us with something of danger, hunger, loss of worldly goods, and the fruits of our labor and Shaytan will try us by designing the culture to inflame our passions so that we burn up in our own passions. Both of these trials will bring out our good and bad qualities.

The hypocrite may be among you, but he’s driven by his personal desires and if you ask him to do anything that doesn’t benefit him, he’ll find all kinds of excuses to avoid any kind of commitment, so he’ll hold back. The weak ones have the wrong perception of Allah’s forgiveness. They believe that while committing sins that Allah will forgive them. This false idea causes their mind and faith not to develop, even though they may fast and pray and give in charity. The hypocrites and weak ones will continue with their behavior until they die, at which time they will realize that Allah was aware of all that they were doing and that they will be held accountable for what they did.


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