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  • Terrence S. Furqan

Struggle for the Good Life; Fitnah 57:14

The hypocrites address the believers and said to them: Were we not with you? They said: Yes! But you deceived yourselves and lead yourselves astray, and you remained in that state and waited, and you entertained doubt, and personal desires and cravings tempted you until Allah’s judgment proved true, and the temptation of wealth, rank, desire, men or satan encouraged you against Allah.

Allah have given us a natural life to live and sometimes that life will experience toil and struggle to strengthen the good life inside, like a weightlifter uses weights to strengthen his muscles.

But when we allow our personal desires and sensitivities to mislead us and cover the natural life with shameful and immoral behavior, then that life is placed in an unpleasant state in order to bring it back to its excellence, its natural form. It is like when gold is taking out of the earth and is put into the fire to eliminate its coarse outer covering, in order to manifest the excellence and beauty of the gold.

So, let us be true to ourselves, and keep faith in Allah. And remember that He does not want for us hardship, but He wants for us to be purified. The good life that He wants for us is always there, even though sometimes it appears to be lost.


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