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Deception, The Root of Fitnah - 57:14

They will speak to them, “Were we not with you?” They will say: Yes, but you deceived and misguided yourselves, and you waited and doubted, and your wish and desire deceived and coveted you until the judgement of Allah was made manifest. Which things enticed you from Allah of wealth, rank, desires, prolonged life or the devil?

Allah made man and jinn to worship and serve Him. Above all of His creation, he favored man and placed him in the garden (earth) to have a productive life and to carry out His will for its advancement. Then, He gave him guidance, free will and guardianship over the land to evolve. With this gift of life and empowerment, Allah said that the human being would be tried and tested. There are many reasons for which we are tested, such as, to bring out the best in us, to test our faith and gratitude, and as punishment for our disobedience to Allah.

In order to bring out the best or excellence in the human being, he is put through trials and tests. Allah tells the Believers, “Do not think that you will not tried and tested.” Sometimes, as difficult as they may be, our trials serve as a purification to bring out the best or excellence in us, much like the melting of gold in the fire to purify and refine it. So, when we are put into the human fire and wonder “why me?” It may be that Allah is bringing us closer to Him. When we experience hardships, sickness, loss or calamities we turn to Allah repenting with our pleas of forgiveness and submitting wholeheartedly in a state of humility and evolve a better person. As Believers, we should learn from our trials and come closer to Allah with increasing faith and remembrance of Him.

Satan has decorated the earth with allurements to deceive us away from the plan that Allah has for us. He is the instigator of deception and he entices us to that which is forbidden by our Creator. He tempts us with those things which cause us to come out of the natural state that Allah put in us. He suggests to our senses things of deception which presents the life of this world as the glamorous life, sports and play, drugs, sex, partying, and having a good time all the time. It’s all an illusion and the lust of these things takes us away from the true reality that Allah has chosen for us. We give an oath of belief and faith to Allah, but then we fall for Satan’s trickery.

When we stray from the path of our original nature and the guidance of Allah and choose to follow the whispers of Satan leading to our own selfish passions, we can expect the punishment of being tried over the fire. Our disobedience in not following the guidance which Allah has given us causes major trials and tests in our lives. These trials are hardships filled with calamities and suffering, poverty, sickness and misery. Satan promises are deceptive and they bring about confusion and our destruction. Therefore, we must be watchful for his schemes.

We must seek constant refuge in Allah from Satan, the accursed and remain steady with the remembrance of Allah, if we want the peace that only He can give. He has given us the guidance in the pillars of our religion and faith and the Qur’an for a successful, good life on earth. Only His guidance leads to the heavenly, the eternal life.


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