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  • Rosemary Sharifah Sierras

The Wisdom 2:269

(G-d) offers the reins of restraint, from the influences of satan to whomever He chooses. And whoever restrains himself with logic and wisdom is indeed given a righteous benefit. And none but those who are firmly grounded, and bridle their foolishness, will be companions of the intellect.

A definition of the meaning of wisdom is restraining foolishness, like bridling a horse with a bit and reins. It puts an abstract concept into a physical form.

The Qur’an is the wisdom, and the manifestation of that wisdom is the practice of Al-Islam. For example, the remembrance of G-d is the greatest thing in life without a doubt, which is abstract. And the salat (prayer), which is physical, helps us remember G-d and restrains us from shameful and unjust deeds.

We believe in Mohammed the Prophet as a man. Those who lived in his day were able to see him with their eyes, believe him, trust him and have faith in him. We don't see him as the physical man now. What we have is the knowledge of is his character. What he loved. What he didn't love. The life he preferred. The life he fought against. These are the things we know about Prophet Mohammed.

We know Prophet Mohammed in his abstract, not in his physical form. We know him in his abstract, invisible presence, and that is the true person, the real person. That is the person that lives eternally. The physical will go back to the earth. The abstract person may live eternally if G-d has mercy on him and accepts him.

Let us concentrate on the abstract, the reality; and understand the physical is just the means to that end.


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