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  • Abdul-Lateef Sabir

Steering Your Way with Wisdom 2:269

He bestows lessons and warnings on whomever he intends, and whomever he bestows lessons and warnings, he certainly is given what is abundantly good and beneficial. But none envisions and ponders except companions of intelligence.

The absolute best and highest book in the entire world, the Holy Qur’an, that has raised civilizations to great heights, can be relegated to just another book on the shelf, by the one who doesn’t LEARN to know it and learn to USE it. However, the one that does know and uses this book, will gain insights into life that will help prevent him/her from encountering mistakes, mishaps, or foolish situations. Like the steering wheel of a car, the Qur’an can steer you from trouble and allow you to live a blissful life.

The companions of intelligence must be willing to ponder and reflect whether engaging the Qur’an or the creation. It is through the experience of engaging and reflecting on the process, the engager will gain wisdom. G-d has designed his creation in such a way, that it speaks wisdom to the mind of the human being that is thinking. When you’re working on your car or trying a new recipe, or a cure for a disease and it’s just not working; you gain the wisdom when you get that “aha moment” after the solution appears. Now that you know how to steer your way, you can show others what not to do based on your experience.

G-d gives us lessons and warnings throughout the Qur’an in the example of people who’ve strayed, erred, or have done wrong to help prevent us from making the same mistakes. The significance of wisdom is how useful the knowledge is. We can easily see the usefulness of the verses of warnings of the past, in the Qur’an, that will benefit our lives. The challenge is, taking that useful knowledge of the Qur’an and in creation, and use it to steer your way through life going forward into the future.


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