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  • Vickie L Bashir

The Wisdom of G-d 2:269

G-d gives wisdom to whoever he wishes, and whoever is given this wisdom, receives a benefit and the right conditions, becomes firmly established as he evokes and contemplates as a prominent, intelligent companion.

A bridle is used along with a bit, to control (restrain) and steer a horse, mule or donkey in the direction that the rider wants it to go. Wisdom is like a bridle of the horse that is used for the prevention of foolishness and the restoration of knowledge. This knowledge should be significant and beneficial and not trivial. We should only study knowledge that we can gain something from it.

Allah restrains the foolishness (Satan) in our lives with his signs so that it is easier to be righteous just like a horse is restrained by the bridle. G-d is the All-Knowing and he restrains with his wisdom. G-d teaches us knowledge through creation. He designed creation to speak wisdom to the mind of the thinking man.

Today’s most common mode of transportation is the car or automobile. A car is powered by gasoline, a motor, and many other parts. It’s controlled by the steering wheel and the brakes. Sometimes the engine is described as being horse-powered. To learn how to drive properly, one can study a Driver’s Manual or even take driving lessons. A wise person doesn’t get behind the wheel for the first time without learning about how to operate a motor vehicle and the accompanying laws. Being knowledgeable can help prevent accidents, tickets, and points on your driver’s license and a court appearance before a judge.


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