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  • Malik Waliyyuddin

Wisdom 2:269

Blessed are those that have received wisdom. They are intelligent, logical, and maintain self-control. They remember G-d in their daily activities and He remembers and protects them. Usually, they are our more mature and older people. They have acquired knowledge from their life experiences when they are strong in character, reflect on their mistakes and correct them. They resist the temptations to repeat errors they have made previously. This qualifies them to become companions of the righteous and they understand themselves and other human beings.

In other cultures, the seniors are respected and sought out for advice. In our communities, many of us are foolish and continue to act out of emotion, rage and feelings. We should instead rationalize all situations and correct ourselves when we see ourselves exceeding the limits. We oftentimes fail to use our knowledge and allow feelings to lead us. When we see ourselves exceeding the limits of good character, we should gain control, pull back, and follow the guidance G-d has given us. Don't be like the person who continues to do the same things even though they know the consequences are bad. Examples are poor relations with family, friends and communities, repeating criminal activity and foolish behavior, or refusing to wear a mask during this pandemic.

There is much unrest in the world today because people let their behavior and other influences override their intelligence. Know when to move forward with faith. When the human being comes to the state of obedience to G-d the intellect then has the right order. Faith above intelligence and logic. Patiently persevere in life with wisdom.


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