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The Wisdom 2:269

He gives prevention and restraint with His signs in Qu’ran and significant beneficial knowledge of good counsel and lessons, of that which must be considered of his good works to attain righteousness, to whom He intends it to be given so that he will not be foolish.

His righteous knowledge and intellect with counsel will teach him restraint like a bridle on an animal for guidance, such as that of “Luqman the Wise” who was a righteous servant of G-d with understanding, knowledge, and eloquence. This condition one’s memory to reflect and call to mind the knowledge of the companions of the intellect.

The Qu’ran is a book of faith and wisdom. It has put a great amount of emphasis on applying wisdom in all matters including gaining knowledge about G-d, life after death, interpreting history, relationships of various religions, knowing good and evils, justice and injustice, freedom and oppression, nature of this world, morality, immorality, and the purpose.

It takes pure strong faith and you must be intelligent to understand the Qu’ran and its benefits, so as not to interpret it incorrectly. This is how we acquire guidance and speak to what is clear and what the Qur’an allows and what it does not allow, and its metaphor.

Examples of restraint and righteous acquisition:

If the Muslim Imam has the authority to make decisions for the people, he should restrain his decisions and turn to the general body of Muslims and ask them what they think about a situation. That is the wisdom and righteous respect to show the “Will” of the people he is committed to by Allah and its prevention for misunderstanding.

There is no envy between persons, except for instance, if one of them is given monetary wealth and he spends it with the restraint which encourages righteousness, and the other whom Allah has given wisdom and he also judges by it and teaches it to others.

None will accept this except men of understanding, meaning those who will benefit from the advice are those who have sound minds and good comprehension with which they understand the words of advice and their implications.


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