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  • Nashid Rushdan

The Need To Accept One Another 49:13

O mankind! Lo! We brought you into being both male and female as Adam and Eve. We made you an amazing creature from a pattern that never existed before you, such as classes and groups with its highest social lineage, that you recognize certain things about each other.

Generally, when most people meet another person, it is considered to be a mere introduction. People usually don’t take the next step which is really getting to know the person they just met. The next step is vital to human interaction which is accepting the person. When we accept another person, this begins the process toward trusting one another which opens the door to understanding one another. This process erases all prejudice, such as thinking one is better than the other.

The natural way of learning one another is done by looking at that person’s character. In addition, these steps cause a deep affection of caring for one another. If all people would accept to learn more about one another, there would be more peace in this world versus the chaos we are seeing throughout the world today.

We see chaos among various communities. It is a result of refusing to accept each other, and allowing their prejudice to form their opinions of the other from a mere introduction. We know that communities are formed to unite different groups of people, but we are seeing that the uniting is not happening. G-d created us to further our relationship with each other and celebrate our differences. However, we are observing people from all walks of life jockeying among themselves that they are better than other people. People should not boast about the greatness of their group, but on the contrary, they should humble themselves in their devoutness.

Lo! The highest of you in the sight of G-D is the one who is most devoted to Him. Lo! G-D's knowledge is comprehensive and pure. The Most High brings forth knowledge that is precise, and He is well acquainted with all secrets. G-d created us to know each other and to share our unique differences with one another.


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