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  • Sameehah Al-Amin

Tribes 49:13

Oh mankind we originated you from a male and a female and we made you classes or tribes of people belonging to one origin in order that some of you may know and accept one another. Surely the most noble of you are the regardful.

Mankind comes from one person and of like nature its mate and from them came countless men and women. Men's first relationship connects them by the womb, in which is love and mercy and that relationship started because a male and female came together had children, started a family and that family grow to be a small community, in a large community.

Some community groups and even certain family groups think they are better and can do what ever they please and get away with it because of their wealth, and status in society.

The society should value and respect the sacred ties of relationships that they have on both sides of the family and not be like "Aunt Betty" who supported her brother's behavour whether he was right or wrong in his thinking. For surely those near to G-d are the most virtue among you and the regardful and not by means of lineage, wealth and noble decent.


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