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Tribes and Groups 49:13

Oh you Mankind! Surely We produced and created you unlike anything similar of a male and a female. And We fashioned you as Species of Humankind and Groups connected to one origin, so that you become mutually acquainted, and recognize each other.

Surely the most devoutness of you are with Allah. Surely Allah is extensive and precise in knowledge.

Humankind was created and fashioned together as Diverse Tribes from one life and Collective Groups living together as a community under one system. Whatever differences in race, ethnicity, language, nationality, or religion can mean a deeper appreciation for each other. The most devoutness of you are with Allah.

Species of Humankind and Diverse Groups are created to be free of jealousy and have no conflict of interest that could lead to a big split. Truly it is the wealth and the devoutness with prayer, and kindness with each other that prolong the life cycle.


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