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  • Jihad Abdus-Salaam

Family Relations; Groups and Tribes 49:13

O mankind! Verily We have originated and made you without the likeness of a model before and made you male and female. And We fashioned you into groups and families that you make know one another by its status or dignity. Verily the most G-d conscious of you in the sight of G-d is the one who is most pious. And Al-Mighty G-d knows the exact knowledge and actions of all and of His attributes, He is the Most High.

In today's society of family life, we can see a variety of paternal and maternal structure of family life. Some families are without the male father presence in the home and some families are without the female mother presence in the home. There are many situations where the grandparents provide some stability in the family structure aiding and assisting in good wholesome values of family life. And by continuing to nourish the family traditions and customs of knowing one another many mantain family reunions and gathering. This helps to bring about a greater relationship with relatives and knowing the status and dignity of family history. This guards and protects family values and a sense of good moral conscience which is handed down from the elders.

In scripture, it is said that we are designed and fashioned you in the most excellent form and this descriptive nature is given by G-d for all races. And that every race and every group were created on the pattern of a full complete human . That Al-Mighty G-d is our protector and preserver of all that is good and will grant us mercy from the punishment of the fire.


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