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Family Differences in Raising Children 49:13 Groups and Tribes

Oh people of humanity! Certainly you were uniquely originated to grow and develop extensively, being parented by a male and a female, and you were induced and led to develop into one many-sided assembled community, and become accepted as a member in a cohesive gathering being of that which has the same root beginning, in order for you to become acquainted with and advise one another. Certainly the one of you with the highest degree of status of being near to Allah, is the one who is devoutly pious. Certainly Allah is The One that to Whom all far-reaching knowledge belongs. He is Aware of the smallest thing!

The ideal for healthy family development is parenting by a sincere male and female.

Human family progression and unity is often challenged by differences in values displayed and taught by the nuclear and the extended family; as well as differences in culture from blended families.

These differences in our own families, challenge us to move above the ways that we have been used to, and relate to and learn from other points of view.

Allah allows this to force out the human goodness, the intelligence, and the great deep reservoir of resources that are in us, and He does it in His Own Masterful Way!


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