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Tribes - Group Responsibility 49:13

O you humanity! Surely, We have brought you into existence from a male and a female without a model. Before that you never existed. We induced you to become classes among humanity and groups traced to one origin, knowing its lineage and being acquainted with each other. Surely, the most exalted position among you with Allah is the one who is most devoted. Surely, Allah is The Possessor of vast knowledge, knowing the precise science.

G-d has created all of humanity from a single pair of male and female then produced within them a natural desire for honor and respect. Thus, encouraging them to become groups and families working together for the benefit of the group. It’s the group effort that really benefits the human being and we should be indebted to the group effort if we desire to be successful.

G-d has made families, communities, and nations for the human being not for purpose of fighting, hating, or avoiding each other, but to get to know each other. A people or nation that only interacts with itself takes the risk of not fully developing and being able to compete with other advanced groups or nations.

Within the family unit the parents should provide an environment that would be conducive for their members to be able to interact with others outside of the family. The mother should love and nurture the members and the father should maintain, protect, and show love to them as well. Even into the extended family from the mother’s ties onto the father’s ties there should be love, respect, and acceptance for one another.

Family members should not go out from their home environment and interact and accept others, then return home to a dysfunctional family where they don’t appreciate and accept one another. A group, family, or nation should strive hard within itself to advance its entity by using its wealth and resources to make progress and achieve great things. While at the same time being mindful that their achievements are not for their unit alone, but for the larger society outside of themselves.

G-d has made the human being in groups not for selfish honor or respect but for collaboration. The achievements extend to the larger society and become a resource of the larger group. It’s remembered as property of the larger group long after the individual unit has passed, not as a possession of the individual unit. G-d has made the human being for honor and respect and acknowledges that the best of humanity is the one who is most preserving of their duty to G-d and the most devoted in carrying out those duties.


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