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Lawful Food 2:168

Oh Mankind take and deem lawful from what is pleasantly permissibly good in the earth. And don't go and observe the Devil. Surely he is the one who clearly conceals and wishes evil to you.

G-d created everything that is seen and unseen in this world, and created mankind upright with the ability to grow and live a healthy life peacefully. Looking at today's society one must read and reflect on the Revelation that came to all the Prophets.

The words that are within the Revelations are the lawful answers that are clear and pleasantly good for all of mankind. If only a few minds that are patient and determined and true to the Revelation, they will not be misled by the ones who use color to classify people or any unlawful ways to conceal evil upon mankind.

Surely the ones who have ill gotten plans for mankind are first to the fire.

They're far too many ideas on how to live in this world, so make wholesome what you read and continue to pray, and follow the archetype of the Prophets that came before. This way is pleasantly permissibly good, and it gives mankind a clearer understanding on where to call home.


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