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Provision for Physical and Mental Lawful Food 2:168

Oh humanity take what is permissible from the provisions that are on the earth which are delightful and righteous and permitted by law. It is not appropriate for you to follow the one that hides what is lawful from you and desires that you follow that which will bring you harm.

The provision of eating lawful good foods for digestion from what you have raised is the best food for you and your family. This provision gives you a return on your good invested work when you grow your own food or raise your own meats. These foods can meet our families' needs best by helping in approving their digestive health.

Good speech from our tongue is also best used when we are working in unifying family ties instead of untying good family ties by feeding them with a language that cuts and leaves psychological scars that are damaging.

Let us not leave room for the voice of Satan to slip into good provisions when we know that Allah has made what is forbidden unlawful. Thus we are to discard what is forbidden in the interior of our soul. We are not to untie what Allah has made lawful.


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