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Knots in Language 2:168

Oh Mankind, take pleasure in what is permissible, wholesome and good that's in the Earth, and do not follow in the footsteps of Satan, he is an open enemy.

We have to be aware of the subtle influences of Satan. Do not follow him in the excitements of fun, gambling, women, and intoxicants, because it disrupts the ties of family and marriage life. A knot begins to slowly unravel, as seen when a father abandons his family leaving his wife to carry the burden.

The highly educated among us have knotted up the language for the people. In order to untie the knots, we have to understand the logic of their language. Then, we will be able to free the knots in the mind and ease the burdens that weigh us down.

We have to examine the context, content and the intent of language and remember, intention comes before the act. So, when we stay away from what is forbidden and only eat what is lawful and good, then we will be able to respond to the call.


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