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Consumption/beneficial or harmful 2:168

O mankind! Take that which is in the earth lawful and permissible and healthy and do not follow the actions of the hypocrite. Verily he is who conceals the hateful impediment of actions that moves with his wickedness against you.

Today's society can be seen as consuming things spiritually and physically which may be beneficial or harmful. Even today, Ministers, Preachers and Imams are calling people to faith trying to free the knot in people's minds from the bad habits and customs that take people's souls in the wrong direction of life. Satan has made things in this world so alluring and charming that the masses don't know what is harmful or beneficial.

He has taken mankind away from the purity of living. Even the foods that are produced are not original in their natural quality and taste. Too many artificial chemicals are being consumed. Thereby producing artificial minds and madness creating the destruction of the good moral values of society.

The whole physical world of human beings is one big body that feeds itself by returning to itself. The only individuality that we have is in our own mental, spiritual or moral makeup. We should always strive to consume the best things which are most beneficial spiritually and physically. We must adhere to the pure revealed scriptures of G-d so that He can remove the impediment ( or knot) in our speech to bring mankind back to salvation and worship Him.


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