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Eat What is Lawful Good 2:168

Oh mankind, take and deem permissible from what is in the earth permitted, proper, and delicious, and do not conduct yourself behind Satan. Surely he is to you he who clearly hides the hatred for the other and desires harm by it.

Allah has sent down to the earth and provided for mankind from the earth sustenance that is permitted, good, delicious, pure. If a person eats forbidden impure foods, it may cause their stomach to feel like it is tied up in knots. When they eat what is lawful good, it will untie the knots in their stomach and relieve the discomfort.

Since the concrete is a picture for the abstract, when Allah sends down revelation to mankind, this revealed knowledge unties the knot in the mind and allows the thinking to be free. Digesting physical food in the stomach can be compared to digesting the knowledge in the mind. In one instance the body benefits, in the other the mind benefits. The popular publication “ Reader’s Digest “ seems to imply the digesting of knowledge.

Parents have a responsibility to provide their children with good food that is permissible. Also, they are responsible to teach them what is true and lawful. When the mind is fed properly, it will be healthy and thrive just as the body that is fed properly will be healthy and thrive.


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