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Honoring G-d’s Humanity 49:13

O you people! Indeed, we originated you for the first time from an excellent pattern of one father named Adam and one mother named Eve. G-d named humanity when He taught Adam the names of things and favored humanity with freedom to roam the earth.

We rendered you into large tribes and groups of people descended from diverse generations of the same lineage. It was for you to accept and honor G-d’s generosity by performing honorable good deeds. So one or some of you may acknowledge your roots and become mutually acquainted with other people of noble character. Therefore, do not contend with others for superiority among yourselves, nor boast in the greatness of your lineage. On the contrary, honor those pious servants of G-d from among your people. Surely, the one who is careful of his duty and stands in exaltation in the view of G-d is the most honorable of you.

Verily, G-d is extensive in knowledge and a friend to you. Know indeed, my Lord is Self-Sufficient and Generous. G-d is acquainted with knowledge and brings forth with precise clarity your innermost secrets. So beware of the harmful little things you entertain in your mind and seek G-d’s help. G-d sees and knows your heart and will protect all of you. G-d The Magnificent, High Above All!


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