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Created to Know One Another 49:13

Oh mankind! Surely we brought you into a unique existence of one father Adam, and one mother Eve, different from any pattern that previously existed of a male and a female.

From this origin, we caused you to be classified into diverse social levels of humanity with the nation as the highest category, then a tribe that consists of those who are lower in rank than a nation, and the final category of a family which is the subdivision of a tribe.

We created this pattern for you to become acquainted with this diversity so you will acknowledge each other and not for you to boast of the greatness of your origin or compete among yourselves for precedence or superiority in lineage.

Your only pride should be in your piety. Surely those of you with a noble nature and most devout to his duty to Him are of the highest standing with Allah. They will be protected from anything that causes harm or damage to them.

Surely Allah’s knowledge of you is all encompassing. He knows your hidden secrets from the inside out and his knowledge of you is exact and pure. He is with those who are g-d conscious.


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