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Come Out Like Gold - Fitnah 57:14

The Hypocrites address the believers, were we not with you? They said yes, but you deceived and mislead yourself. You remained, waited and distrusted and what you desired dupes and deludes you until Allah’s judgment occurs and proves true. All that deceives you from wealth, rank, passion, people, or Satan are the things that encourage you away from Allah.

Hypocrisy is pretending to be more virtuous or religious than one really is. Everyone have some hypocrisy in them, if you are alive you are going to do some wrong, you come alive to be put to the test.

The people who give themselves to selfishness, seeking only self-interest are deceived and mislead away from what is reality. So, they will have command or control over other people’s lives with their greed for money, wealth, status, and power.

Allah permits that some of us will have good circumstances and some will have bad circumstances and we are tested by these circumstances. Allah wants us to go through these tests, we have to be tested, and you don't know of any great Prophet in Scripture who was not tested. Do you think that you can say you believe and not be tested, that is not reality?

But if we don’t fall victim to wrong and give ourselves over to weakness then, we will be like gold entering into the fire, which manifests the excellence in it, from the impurity in it. This is what makes us stronger.


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