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Scale of Justice - Maintain A Measure 42:17

Allah it is who made, revealed, and sent down the Heavenly Scripture with wisdom and reconciliation, and the instrument of measure that also measures itself. So, what will make you aware that perhaps the hour is near?

In keeping to the balance G-d embraces everything with Wisdom and Mercy. Both are needed to maintain the measure, if there is one without the other then there is no stability. That is the just scale that G-d uses to maintain proper balance in creation.

The Heavenly Scriptures instructs us so that we will know how to establish families and teach our children. In order that they develop properly with love and strength, not being too soft or too firm but keeping a balance. The parents and grandparents should be excellent role models for the children by respecting moral excellence and maintaining a measure of decency that promotes balance in the lives of the children.

The Qur’an states that G-d has put everything in a balance, and everything is measured, and we should not seek to exceed the limits. Thus, we should strive to keep proper balance in our lives in order that we do not become unstable.


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