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Balance In Our Life, Scale of Justice 42:17

Allah is He Who has made the heavenly book, it is revealed and caused to descend with the logic and the authority and the tool of the weight. And what shall cause you to know that perhaps the Day of Resurrection is near?

Allah has revealed a book, the Qur'an, with logic and wisdom and He has revealed the Balance. He says that mankind should weigh with scales that are true and right., meaning that we should be honest and truthful in the marketplace when weighing or measuring. The word in Arabic for scales comes from the same root word that means the justice that is created by man. This brings the idea of justice into the reading concerning the marketplace and business.

Allah says in another verse that mankind should establish weight with justice. This is a sign that we should always consider justice or balance in all things we strive for in our actions and our words.

We can see now that this justice/balance involves much more than weighing with physical scales. All of our actions and words are to be measured by justice and balance, We are not to let our emotional nature control us so that we swerve from justice. Life experiences sometimes can injure a person psychologically such that they cannot do justice by other people with whom they have had bad experiences.

As Muslims, we want the balanced life of internal development (spiritual ) and external development (material). These are two legs that enable us to walk with a balanced gait. We should not be praying all the time and reading Qur'an all the time with no legitimate income. Nor should we be working all the time and never go to Jumah nor make our prayers nor read the Qur'an. Let us give justice to both and live the balanced Muslim life.

Family life functions best when both parents work together to show love and support for their children. When we don't have both parents in the home sometimes others in your family, such as grandparents, may serve as role models which may give young children a sense of balance.

Allah requires that a male and a female (husband and wife) come together to produce the child. Then the best situation for a balanced family life is to have father and mother present based on Allah's balance.

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