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The Scale of Justice - 42:17

Allah is He who made to come down the Heavenly Book with wisdom and that which benefits and a tool by which to measure by. And what will make you know perhaps the hour is near.

In The Heavenly Book is a source of wisdom and logic, in it is guidance for all our affairs and solutions for all our problems. Everything in nature G-d has put on a scale of balance. We cannot give to much to one thing and deny and be unjust to another. The scale is a symbol of just actions so in our dealings with each other give full measure and weight with a balance that is straight.

When man disrespects the natural order in nature it causes an imbalance. In our society disrespecting marriage life can cause weaknesses in our society, do to the emotional instability it brings, especially for the children. The extended family such as grandparents can help a great deal by serving as role models, showing the children what love, tenderness and attention looks like, it will make them feel important and bring a sense of balance into their lives.

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Scale of Justice 42:17

Allah is Who made and caused to descend The Heavenly Book with the wisdom and benefit, and the weighing instrument. And what will advise...

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