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Big Mama And Paw Paw, Scales of Justice 42:17

The Supreme Being Alone, caused to be revealed to humanity the Beneficial Jurisdiction of Wisdom, and the means to equalize the difference in all matters.

What will cause humanity to realize that their time to settle and balance their affairs is short?

Broken homes and immature parenting have caused children to be scarred and neglected. Grandparents have been the saving force for the families in our community throughout time. They have given family the balance of kindness, manners, work ethic, and love.

Children have a right to benefit from a good family circumstance or situation. By grandparents recognizing the natural obligation to family responsibility, they are fulfilling the priority of duty to family that is ordained through scripture.

Grandparents naturally understand that time is short and strive to increase the good. We should pray for them!

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