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Accepting to be Self-Accountable 42:17 The Scales of Justice

G-d, the Creator, has caused the divine message to descend from the highest source of enlightenment and purpose. This sacred message serves to provide the best logic and wisdom to benefit our social needs, especially family relationships.

G-d has also caused the scale to descend as a symbol or criteria for measuring just actions. Our healthy positive actions are weighed against our negative and harmful choices which often cause hurt and lasting injury.

The nature and pattern upon which G-d has made us teaches us to seriously regard the weight of our decisions - good or bad. Humanity has been offered guidance in order to make it aware of the potential harm and lasting effects of our deeds. Popular opinion often influences actions and when weighed on the universal scale of justice, may prove to be unjust as they may deprive others of due rights.

Healthy human relationships require a high level of mutual support. Supportive actions and speech are indicators of regard for equality and unity among the members of a social group. Justifiable actions in the home determines the strength of family ties whose bonds are reinforced by a sense of shared obligations.

The home environment demands that family members adopt roles and responsibilities in order to create a healthy social structure. The crafting of family traditions helps create emotional bonds as well as provide much needed psychological support, especially in a chaotic society as exists today. If we cultivate the awareness that all actions are being measured and weighed on the scale of justice, we will be conscious not to exceed just limits. Safeguarding human life requires that we respect the balance of our spiritual as well as rational needs.

The principles of pleasure must not outweigh the principle of intelligence. They function together to advance our human development. Our souls register every deed and action to be eventually weighed and judged.


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