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42:17 Scales of Justice

It is Allah Who has brought down the Heavenly orderly Book with the balanced logic of language that can be relied upon as it is gradually being introduced. And what will let you know the day of the rising again to life of all the human dead?

A concept, instrument, or procedure used in arranging, measuring, or quantifying events, objects, or phenomenon in any sequence is a scale. The timeless reserved instrument ​the Qur’an has in it a succession of repetitions of melodic phrases or harmonic patterns of truth to express a coherent scale of words for building balanced family relationships. These words hold in them their own weight of persuasion, new information and metaphors of expressions.

As these balanced platform of words are put on the heart, you are obligated to carry your own weight and measure up to your family responsibilities to live a well balanced human life in actions and speech. Circumstances and the overcrowding of life and the inability of how to process so much information has hurt the social life of families. Children need consolation and engagement from parents as an example of how to help them to manage the difficult emotions that they are facing in their daily life. Uncles and Aunts can also give consolation and engagement to their need for emotional support when it is lacking.

If any male or female at home can let the children see the positive things they are doing, it can make a difference in the lives of the children. Because of the core of love that most Grandparents have for their grandchildren, they can be the best example to teach and persuade their grandchildren on how to live and maintain a well balanced life.

Years ago many parents in the cities up north use to send their uncontrolled children down south to live with their Grandparents. Many times upon arriving the grandchildren experience a life with farm animals surrounding them, which they did not see in the cities up north. As they learned how to engage with the animals they learned how to respect and appreciate them more. Engaging with animals are therapeutic.

Horses are one of the many animals that fit this criteria. Here our some of the benefits of animal assisted therapy being used today: Improved fine motor skills, Improve balance, Improve focus and attention, Increased self-esteem and the ability to care for oneself and Reduced anxiety, grief and isolation.


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