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Work It Out Under the Law (Mutual Consultation-Shuraa) 42:38

There are those who pursue establishment by way of mutually extracting ideas with others, who say and do what Is based in law from its commencement to its completion and are willing to give freely of what they have been given in increase.

Many African Americans live minimal lives and struggle to have extra to freely give away. Much of this is because we avoid sharing our circumstances with knowledgeable people in order to achieve establishment. The point of doing this is to mutually extract solutions with consideration to our current situation and the established laws that govern it. This process allows for a reasonable and gradual fix.

A few reasons that we avoid consultations or counseling is that we don’t want to expose ourselves, we do not place value on information or we feel that we may have to make too many hard changes if we do things according to laws. By avoiding this we end up initiating circumstances such as marriage, purchasing property, opening businesses, etc. but are unable to become successfully established within them.

The key is to own up to the fact that that there are laws and principals that govern every form of establishment, that we will need to transition into following these laws and that we must be willing to make sacrifices to become successfully established.

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