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  • Terrence S. Furqan

Extracting Honey from the Hive (Shuraa) 42:38

Those who have accepted the call of their Lord and they have performed completely the regulated worship and its words and actions, opening with glorification and closing with salutation, and their activity is by mutual consultation among themselves, and from what We gave them from the most excellent and refined, they invest generously.

Mutual consultation is what Allah has given us as a guide for conducting our affairs. It is like extracting honey from the hive. We should come together and collect ideas, advice and points of views from each other. Then these ideas are examined back and forth until the best and the refined is extracted.

Mutual consultation is not a one size fit all process. It is not the convening of the same group of people to be consulted all the time. Every responsible individual in the community should have an opportunity to participate in a consultation in which they have experience or knowledge to contribute.

There are several ways in which mutual consultation is performed, depending upon the situation. If it is a matter that concerns the family, then family members and / or close friends to the family may be consulted. If it is a matter concerning a particular area of work, then professionals and laymen in that area may be consulted. Sometimes the matter may require a consultation with the entire community.

When mutual consultation is applied correctly, it gives dignity to the individuals of the community, knowing that their ideas are respected, even though they are not always accepted.

This is how we extract the honey from the hive, refine it and make it beneficial for the community.

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