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  • Bobby A. Hameed

Don't Get Stung! We Must Learn To Agree 42:38

And they are those who accept the call from their Lord and establish legitimate actions of worship in words and deeds like prayer which begins with glorification and ends with salutations and they invite mutual consultation among themselves and We grant them what is good and bountiful from what they spend freely.

As people of faith, we are to extract the opinions of others by mutually conferring with one another on matters, particularly in which we may differ. For us to advance and realize true success, people must be provided the opportunity to express their opinions without being put out or ostracized. However, it is imperative that the individuals have the interest of representing the whole of the group and not the small or narrow interest of a few people.

Harmony and cooperation among humans can be realized just like the cooperation we see in bees in a bee hive. Bees have specific roles that they perform for the success of the hive. The role of each and every bee is important to the success of the hive. Our success as humans depend on us extracting various opinions and then arriving at a final decision or outcome that is sweet for all involved. Sweet like the honey produced collectively by bees, in their various roles, that we take from the bee hive for our personal consumption.

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