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Liberating Muslim Communities (Shuraa) 42:38

Those who have accepted the call of their Lord and pursue perfection in the worship regulated by revelation, and their words and actions begin with glorification and ends with salutation. And their affairs are conducted by mutual consultation among themselves by putting all of the opinions on the table and extracting the best from some of them. They are those who give freely from the best of their knowledge and from the surplus from their resources that We’ve given them.

Ibrahim’s covenant is to see that education is available to all the nations of humanity. This is why G-d made Ibrahim the father of all nations. The leader who educates the people is the kind of leader that G-d wants over the people. The more that you permit real education for your people, the more productive that society becomes. Muslims have turned their backs on Ibrahim’s covenant and this is one of the reasons why we’re losing our youth. The children of Ibrahim are those who respect the rational mind of every human being and they try to provide education free to all of it’s citizens.

The role of a leader is to care for the Muslim life and to give advice to help the people in matters of religion, judgement, and respect for what the religion obligates them to do. When you don’t allow the community to express their opinions on matters that affect the community, pretty soon they will stop responding to you, and the community life dies. Because they feel that you don’t trust them and they will stop trusting you.

One of the benefits of mutual consultation is that it promotes mutual trust, appreciation for other’s opinions and builds friendship among people. Mutual consultation also liberates the communities freedom of thought, which in turn will improve their behavior and productivity.

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