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  • By Yaya J. Fanusie

We Must Extract The Sweetness of Ideas Through Mutual Consultation (Shuraa) 42:38

And those who receive the call of their Lord and establish the ritual prayer worship and seek mutual advice amongst each other to inform their actions and requests, and spend out of what they have been provided.

The believers are those who trust G-d and use His criterion in guiding their affairs. Navigating life is not something to do as an individual. Because G-d made human beings a social community, we should consult each other to make decisions about all aspects of life. We should establish processes where we bring together people who are most familiar with the areas of concern (business, health, recreation, education, security, etc.) and extract the best decisions and solutions, in light of G-d’s guidance. This process is like extracting honey from a bee hive. The sweet honey comes out of the mutual consultation over ideas. Sometimes it can be painful. You may get stung in the back and forth dialogue. But the process allows you to arrive at better decisions then just doing things willy nilly on your own.

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