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Work and Rewards 53:39

Whatever you do it will be seen and you will be rewarded for the good or the bad. The greatest fulfillment is the reward for good or bad, according to the degree earned.

Good offspring who pray for you, charity that continues after you, and knowledge that is passed on and gives benefits because of its use, are a source of rewards. What you provide for yourself and your offspring from your earnings is the best of provisions, and whoever prays for guidance his reward for it is the same for whoever follows the guidance. Other than these our rewards will cease after we leave this reality.

The extremes of death and life are designed to show us our human worth. The misguided seek only to amass as much wealth and power and influence as they can, as if success is measured by the one who; has the biggest bank account, resides in the most prestigious neighborhood, and knows all the right people. However, the greatest fulfillment of the reward for your work will evade you, and your rewards cease at your demise, unless you leave a legacy of hard work, righteousness, and charity.


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