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Striving With A Vision 53:39

Man shall have nothing but what he does of good or evil works. And his works he'll soon see. His bad deeds are rewarded according to the measure of his works and his good deeds are multiplied ten times.

When a man dies all of his actions stop except for three things: a good child who continues to pray for him, a continuous charity left behind, or knowledge that was useful for him that he leaves behind to benefit others. He who prays for guidance and follows that guidance and encourages others to follow that guidance, he'll receive the reward similar to the one who followed him.

As a community, if we're concerned about education, business, religion, and the economics of our families and our community, our concerns should turn into a vision to bring about solutions to those concerns. Then we put a mutually consulted community plan in place, and then strive to make our vision a reality.

If our communities don't have a vision of achieving anything and we don't strive for anything, our community won't get anything. A community without concerns is a dead community. Whatever we endeavor to do should be in accord with the Qur'an so that we'll be rewarded in this life and the next, which will make our striving the greatest achievement.

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