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Man Gets What He Works For 53:39

Man will have nothing but what he worked for, good or bad work, he will soon realize.

How a person behaves will be in accord with what he is incline to.

So, if you are inclined to be emotional to the extreme, you will be molded in that form.

Then you will make an emotional choice that can cost you millions of dollars and you call it racism.

But this is the reward according to your work.

When a man dies, he is cut off from earning rewards for his works, except for three things.

A righteous child who prays for him, a continuous charity or knowledge which has useful benefits.

Man must know himself and understand that he was created to face hardship,

and hardship will make him struggle and his struggle will make him, improve,

develop, produce and advance. This is the design of excellence in his nature.


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