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  • Beatrice A. Muhammad

Judgement Day: What Will Be Your Earnings? 53:39

Man shall have only what he works for and accumulate of good or evil deeds in this world. If you are not motivated and don’t strive for anything, you won’t get anything. G-d has given us all great potential, but the greatest fulfillment of any of these potentials comes with being on the path of G-d. Whatever path we choose in life should benefit us in both this life and the next because the final goal is toward G-d. Then, our striving will be seen and we will be greatly compensated to the fullest for our good deeds and justly rewarded for our bad deeds.

When we die, our labor comes to an end except for three things: prayers offered by righteous children, continuous charity and beneficial knowledge that we leave behind. Raising righteous children is a fulfillment of our earnings especially when those children continue to offer prayers and charity for us once we have transitioned to the next life.

We should strive for business success that will allow for charitable growth once we are no longer here. Prayers and charity continue to add to our good deeds. Therefore, it is important that we raise our children in the way of G-d, investing in their spiritual and secular education, encouraging and helping them to develop strong G-d consciousness and to become productive citizens. We should strive to leave a legacy of righteousness and income producing business, investments, or endowments which will provide charity that will follow us for generations to come.

Those whom we motivate by calling to right guidance and righteous teachings, G-d will grant us a reward to the likeness of their reward without diminishing any of their reward should they follow righteousness. Therefore, we should set positive examples, offer good guidance, learn and teach the religion to the best of our abilities and invite others to the path of righteousness.

We should take every opportunity to do as much good in this life as possible because the day will come when our work will end and we want the scale of our good deeds to weigh very heavy. Lastly, we should increase our legacy by documenting our beneficial knowledge in order that it is maintained and shared for generations to come.


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