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The Reward Continues 53:39

Man shall receive the good of what he does and also what his bad actions deserve. It is certain he will see what his bad actions have earned, but the greatest reward will be for his good works.

When a person dies their work is ended except for three actions that continue to earn rewards for that person. A child who prays for that individual; a charity that continues to produce benefits; and knowledge that was shared that continues to benefit whoever received it.

As a person's earnings bring the greatest satisfaction, when his children benefit from his earnings that is the best reward. When he prays for Guidance he receives his reward. However, the reward continues to be due to him and is multiplied when the Guidance he exemplified is followed by his descendants. Not only does his reward from Allah continue after he dies, but those who follow his example experience progress and identifiable improvements, as well as their reward.


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