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Soulman 91:7-10

And by the soul and Him Who made it even and not disproportionate. Then He met with him in fear, mischief and disbelief and showed him the punishment.Indeed he succeeds who purifies his ownself and is righteous. And indeed he fails that corrupts the soul in seeking to hide its shame. Some say man is born in sin, but Allah has created the soul in a natural state of order and proportion. And that He gave the soul structure as a means of enlightenment. G-d wants us to have an enlightened soul with true knowledge that will influence the soul to have a definite design and order. It is satan that wants to misguide and corrupt you with discord and wrongdoing. This sincere soul with correct knowledge of divine scripture and guidance will lead you to a higher regardfulness of Almighty G-d. Worshiping Him only and seeking His good pleasure and protection from the fires of passion.


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