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  • Abdul-Aziz and E.Nadiyah Uqdah

Religious Solidarity 3:103

Grasp firmly to the bond of G-d which includes laws,commands and a final judgement conducted by G-d for all humanity as a group. Do not be scattered or establish separation.Call to mind the goodness of G-d to you. You wished evil upon each other, then He made love between your emotional intellects.

G- d has given His edicts to people that understand discipline and are grateful for His warnings and guidance. Most people in the world are living in chaos. There are those that create war on other people’s minds, they use their resources and power in the world to separate the masses. This has been done throughout the ages.

However, human beings who attain success in this world and the hereafter are the one’s that take heed and implement the guidance that G-d sent down and will not deviate from G-d’s sacred text. The words of G-d have a healing affect on people’s mental attitudes. They become civilized and behave like relatives towards one another. The believer are known to respect others rights to live in security.They make sure no one around them is hungry and are polite regardless of their statuses in society . He has extended His guidance to everyone on earth - be they Jews, Christians or Muslims, even men with no faith in anything. Do you see how G-d has amalgamated humanity, no one is omitted from His guidance. -Abdul-Aziz and E.Nadiyah Uqdah


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