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Holding to the Cord that Unites Us: 3:103

And you are commanded to adhere to the idea, that we should all have access to seek the established revealed scriptures. And do not dispute and be divided in many directions or concerns. And call to mind with the proper gratitude, the worldly and spiritual benefits of Allah upon you.

When you were hiding the hatred for one another and evil, then He united you on love between your hearts and mind, then you became brothers by His favors. And you were upon an edge of a pit that will drop you into the fire in this life and the next, then He saved you from it.

Indeed, revealed scriptures can be the rope or cord that will give all of us clear light, hope, protection and benefits. Then if we choose to follow it, this could unite us to be sincerer to one another, in our matters and concerns for all of humanity. So, let us not fall into the pit of our passions of race, gender to divide our humanity and respect for each other.


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