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The Sacred Bonds 3:103

The most sacred bond is the prescribed relationship between us and G-d. That relationship is to manifest itself in our collective life. Our faith in G-d strengthens our bonds and group solidarity. The collective purpose is to express the Quranic guidance in religious law and the various legal judgments.

All members of the group must participate in group life by supporting one another. They are to guard against splintering caused by disputes. We are to envision the larger purpose for the collective body by giving attention to the required performance and responsibility.

Also, recall the best of G-d’s religious and worldly gifts that were given after having been enemies. Nonetheless, G-d inspired love within the hearts of the collective members creating a brotherhood of faith.

The love G-d grants to the group is qualified upon the intellect to serve the best religious and worldly life. The true spirit of brotherhood was realized even after you had reached the fire’s edge. G-d explains and demonstrates His distinguishing marks and wonderous nature of creation as proofs and warnings. Hopefully, you will become believers in His divine plan.

The rope of G-d is seen clearly in the example or way of Abraham whose willingness to sacrifice was transformed into community service. This principle of faith and sacrifice guarantees the security of society like a well-made rope. Abraham’s model example is the standard for leadership and is protection for those devoted to it.

This devotion is exemplified by not associating anything in worship with G-d, reinforcing social bonds without divisions, and granting sincere support to those who carry the responsibility of leadership. Success for the collective body requires encouragement for the role and value of the individual. It demands the avoidance of dissension and the squandering of community resources.


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