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A Faithful Allegiance 3:103

Hold fast by what applies to the idealistic tie that obtains access for joining and strengthening the group. Be a gathering mutually supportive of one another, with the Qur’an composing what is included among the laws and regulations, and do not dispute and separate. Call to mind with the obligation of gratitude, the spiritual and earthly blessing on you when you harbored hatred for one another and desired harm. Then He joined you upon affection and understanding, so by His spiritual and earthly blessing you became brethren. You were on the edge of a sunken hole of fire, then He recused you from it.

Almighty G-d instructs the faithful believers of Scripture to form an allegiance, that would extend throughout the religious community, and connect Christians, Jews, Muslims, and right-minded people to one secured society. A tie that would bond and fortify us making us responsible for the well-being of one another. With the written Scripture of G-d regulating our lives to prevent us from disputes and separation.

If we accept the tie that G-d extends to us and remain mindful of the spiritual and material blessings He has granted us, that bond would prevent us from holding hatred for one another and desiring harm. It would unite our hearts and minds so that we become Brothers in Faith understanding one another. We would be saved from a pit of scorching hell that would cause us to have conflict and disagreement with each other. So, let us make an intelligent decision to grasp firmly to our tie to G-d the Creator of us all and not be separated.


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